Ozarks Academy is a board-run, independent, classical and Christian school operating in Springfield, Missouri. Our program options are designed around the principle that parents are the primary educators of their children. Our purpose is to offer a hand to parents in their task, and to cultivate rigorous and joyful learning.

Our nation is seeing a resurgence of the historical tradition of classical, Christian education. Ozarks Academy will contribute to the growing revival of these schools in our region of Southwest Missouri by personal instruction and interaction with students and families in Springfield.

Currently our focus in on students from pre-school to sixth grade, with higher grades being added each year.

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Why “classical,” and what does it look like?

Biblical education has long been served by classical learning (despite a tradition of concerns echoed here).  Whether the classical schooling of American founders such as Adams, Madison, and Jonathan Edwards, or of those before them in the medieval universities of Europe, or back to the education received by Godly scholars in the Greek and Hebrew traditions, its effectiveness has been displayed for thousands of years.

Feeding off of these roots, students’ minds continue to be sharpened through the serious study of the liberal arts and classical trivium: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. For classical learning today, these areas represent both the content of subjects learned as well as the stages of growth the child goes through– the grammar student (elementary) thrives on memorizing the building blocks of any subject, the logic student (middle school) then enjoys analyzing logical relationships, why things happen, and so on, while the rhetoric student (high school) finally carries it all to an audience by persuasively and eloquently expressing what has been learned.  Schooling in this context of the classical trivium produces tools of learning that students can put to use in any subject they might study.

Distinctives of classical education also include the study of ancient languages, logic, and rhetoric skills in the enduring tradition of Western Literature. Students love learning Latin from a young age when given opportunity (see more Latin info here), and the results include an amazing grasp of the English language, stronger skills of analysis, and a generally broader knowledge of other subjects.  For this reason, students who study Latin end up at the top of the charts on nation-wide standardized exams.  Formal logic immerses students to the classical art of skillful reasoning.  Logic studies enable a student to recognize assumptions, define the terms of an argument, identify fallacies, use formal proofs of validity to draw conclusions from an argument’s premises, and needless to say, better skills in math. All of these strengths basically show consistent thought as God intended it. The great works of Western literature that have shaped us– from the Bible, to Homer, to Shakespeare– restore to kids not only the lost arts of skillful reading and storytelling, but a sense of where we have come from and what our place is in the ongoing story of history.

For more, you can reach us at 417-414-3782 or headmaster@ozarksacademy.com.

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