Core Programs

Ozarks Academy’s Thursday program excites and challenges students from toddler age to about 12 years (sixth grade), with plans to add an additional grade level each year. Our classes focus on fostering the child’s faith, imagination, skill, and enthusiasm for learning through compelling stories, hands-on projects, and fun (and integral) memory work.

We meet once a week to study core subjects that are well-suited for group learning. At home, parents continue each child’s education the remainder of the week.

A few music students all ready for Miss Sarah’s class

Grammar (Elementary)

Designed for students in second to sixth grades who are reading and writing confidently, our grammar-level classes are fun and challenging. Students will hear stories and participate in re-enactments to relive our history, take an in-depth look at science through experimentation and observation, dig in to music, art, and math, begin writing stories, and learn over a dozen poems… ranging from sacred to silly.

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Enjoying a hands-on look at biology. 


Students who are still mastering the art of reading and writing can join in the fun of our pre-grammar classes. Here students engage in music, simple history & literature, numbers and patterns in math, enjoy a broad, hands-on overview of science, and memorize over a dozen sweet, silly, or sacred poems.

(For a more in-depth look, visit our class descriptions page.)

DSC00808Singing time! 


Toddlers and pre-schoolers join Miss Jana, Miss Tessa, or other teachers for a morning packed with learning and laughter. Through textile play, catchy songs, outdoor activities, and simple hands-on crafts, their childlike wonder is captivated and deepened.

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