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Education as Training Lovers

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Education is also about training lovers.  Lovers?  What??  Yes, and by this we mean worshippers or desirers.  This is what all people are at the most fundamental level.  But educational aims nowadays are rarely directed at speaking to this nature of ours, or to an end that would be a right formation of this nature.  These aims are usually directed foremost at our intellect (although this has not always been the case, or where it has been the case, it’s been with less of a dichotomy between the mind and the rest of a person’s being).  As we said in the previous post, however, education comes down to students’ being trained to follow, and in particular here, we are talking about how students follow whatever it is that captures their desires, not what appears true...

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Education as Discipling

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A primary goal of any Christian school must be to disciple.  Getting discipled is the essence of being a student, and in fact, it will happen even if the school does not state it as a primary goal.  It will happen even if it is not a Christian institution. Students, and indeed all people, will follow someone or something, and whoever it is they follow is who they will become.  Acknowledging this as the way of things enables us to take hold of it, rather than merely hoping for the best, and intentionally create disciples of Jesus. Below are a few ways to show how Ozarks Academy will pursue this focus of discipling. Some of these are more obvious and what you might expect, and others where we give a few more details are not as obvious, and so may be more unique to...

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