On Government Schooling

Secular Education Does Not Exist

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In the early days of American government education, R. L. Dabney wrote the following: So is a really secularized education either possible or admissible? Before ours, no people of any age, religion, or civilization, has ever thought so. Against the present attempt, right or wrong, stands the whole common sense of mankind. Pagans, Catholics, Muslims, Greeks and Protestants have all rejected any education not grounded in religion as absurd and wicked. (On Secular Education) He names attempts at secular education “wicked” because they deny God’s sovereign claims. He names these attempts “absurd” because secular education is not possible. That is why we call them mere “attempts.” All education will be religious, as will all...

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Outlawing Mom and Dad

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The enemies of God want the children of God’s people, and it is an old strategy. We see this move made openly by any civil authorities that have the power.  Pharaoh was coerced into letting the men go, but the children not so easily (Ex. 10). Losing the men is a temporary setback, but losing the children means forfeiting the end-game. But even when God’s people themselves wanted a Pharaoh-like ruler (a king like “the nations”), Samuel warned them that this ruler would take their sons and daughters (1 Sam. 8), and that’s even a decent ruler who might fear God. We should not be surprised, then, if our government wants to own our children, and we’re not talking about for the military. This is a more subtle kind of ownership...

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