Toddler Program

In Miss Jana’s lively class, two to four-year-olds discover, play, and grow in a cheerful, structured environment.

Jana's Class Miss Jana with some of her students 

After joining the older students for morning assembly sayings and memory work, Miss Jana’s class migrates to their own classroom.


One little sibling decided to dress as a Roman too! 

Story-time, crafts, music, and manipulative play fill the morning.


When it’s nice outside, they take a break to enjoy the fresh air in the fenced-in play area. (When it’s not nice, they get out their wiggles in the gym.)

Toddlers recitationSinging a song they learned for friends and family 

Miss Jana’s class is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something structured for younger siblings to do while their older siblings attend classes, or simply want to fill your little one’s morning with fun and friendship.