Vision Statement:

Ozarks Academy seeks to assist parents in their duty to raise their children to love God and his church, to love their fellow man, to assist them by means of classical education in the historical Christian tradition, and thereby produce knowledgeable, discerning, articulate, and joyful students who will strengthen church congregations, expand the kingdom of Christ, and shape the culture around them.


Questions Relating to the Vision:

How do students learn to love God at Ozarks Academy?

  • by sound use of the mind; thinking after God’s way of thinking (e.g. math, logic, poetry, etc.)
  • by learning to see; by an unquenchable curiosity to study his creative works and beauties around us

How do students learn to love God’s church and love their fellow man at Ozarks Academy?

  • by allegiance to the authority of Scripture and the centrality of the church, and a Biblical, Trinitarian view of reality
  • by an optimistic view of God’s work in history
  • by becoming like those they learn from—older siblings, parents, teachers, and elders–who love God (Luke 6:40)
  • by guided interaction with others, and learning to engage with them eagerly, directly, and articulately
  • by learning how to be socially graceful for others’ sake
  • by developing a love for spreading the gospel to their neighbor

How are students to shape our culture?

  • by discerning the cultures around us, both historical and local, and knowing how these cultures see and think
  • by students’ using their minds to cast down all lofty arguments set up against the knowledge of God (2 Cor. 10:5)
  • by conquering the culture around us as artists, workers, leaders, servants, technicians, athletes, mothers, fathers, etc.